Citizen Kane Analysis

  • Summary

    • For this project I will be analyzing the final scene of Citizen Kane 
  • Mise-en-scéne (meez-on-sen)

  • Sound and Editing

  • Cinematography

  • Narrative and Genre

  • Interview Video

    • Embed your final filmed interview video
  • What I learned

    • Finish this section after the video is published

Citizen Kane Research

Battle for Citizen Kane

  • Hearst was the richest man in America whom owned land half the size of Rhode Island
  • Hearst wished to create his own state and rule it like a dictator
  • Hearst didn’t invest in film because he thought you could crush a man with journalism but not in film
  • Orson Welles was 24 when he directed Citizen Kane
  • The rich wanted to buy the movie so they could burn every copy of it
  • Citizen Kane directly criticized Hearst as a person

Docudrama RKO 281

  • Welles digs a hole to get a shot that looks up at the actors

Episode 4 – The Arrival of Sound

Episode 4 – The Arrival of Sound[edit]

The 1930s: The Great American Movie Genres…

…And the Brilliance of European Film


Why Hitchcock is a great director

  • PoV In Hithcock’s youth he saw a phantom ride film
  • Born in Essex, England
  • His understanding that fear is in ordinary places
  • His use of close ups